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A Guide to Building a One-Handed and No-Icon Rosary [Copyright Michael Llenos 2015]

1. Buy some 550 cord and one package of black beads and one package of neon beads.
2. Cut off a little over an arms length of cord and tie off at one end. It should reach from your right chest to your right hand stretched out.

Warning: Keep away from babies and children as these materials can cause a choking hazard.

3. Start off with the last bead, which is orange in color, first.
4. Add ten black beads.
5. Add a blue bead.
6. Repeat the process of ten black beads and one blue bead four more times.
7. Then add a purple bead, then a blue bead, then a purple bead, then a blue bead, then a purple bead, then finally a green bead.
8. Leave atleast two inches of slack in the cordage then tie it off. Your rosary should look like picture one above.
9. Next tie off remaining cordage with a square knot. Then cut off the rest of slack. Your rosary should now look like picture two.
10. Now your rosary is complete. Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has forseen. Okay, maybe I'm thinking too much about Star Wars 6 and 7!

Now some non-catholics may say that they do not want to pray to Mary. The following is my alternative prayer:

1. You start off with the green bead, so pray Psalm # 23.
2. For every purple bead pray verses Deuteronomy 6:4-5.
3. For every blue bead pray the Our Father in Matthew 6:9-13.
4. Now there are five sets of ten black beads, so what I do is say the ten commandments with each set. E.g. the first bead of each set: "Blessed be the First Commandment" then I say the commandment. Then I do the Second Commandment for every second black bead of each set, etc..
5. Then finally the last bead, or orange bead, I say Psalm # 23 again.
6. Now your done.

Summary: What is so wonderful about this rosary is that it is very difficult to break, unlike the expensive threaded rosaries you buy online or at the store. It is my hope that atleast one person will improve their prayer life with the above instructions.

The End.

Copyright Michael Llenos 2000-2015