UDT (a poem)

[This poem is from the mind of Michael Llenos. By the way, the facts are not accurate, but like the Georgics of Virgil, I had to substitute truth for better rhyming doggerel verse. The poem is about a young man that wants to be a Navy Diver but joins the Army instead. I have a deep respect for the U.S. Army, but I just wrote the following poem to see if I could write one.]


(The beginning…)

I ran past my drill instructor,
He called me both dumb and dumber,
Now I felt more than feet were sore…

(Later on…)

I espied the Sergeant Major,
Standing by my barracks chamber,
Laughing: Twenty pushups now and more…

(Too soon or…)

I can’t believe the crazy hazing,
I got from my crazy blazing,
Overseer standing by the door…

(And bitter more…)

Battle buddy went ballistic,
I can't believe the cheap sadistic,
Insults in my barracks dorm…

(I’m no friend and nothing more…)

We would never really know,
Who among us would grow old,
Or try the training of Airborne…

(Here we go again…)

The road march was a mess,
Always done as a test,
To see who endures the grimy chore...

(The Kitchen or…)

K.P. duty is obscene,
The food will make you barf or beam,
Could I please have ice cream or?

(To run some more…)

Every mile gets us closer,
Running like a roller coaster,
Will I see my home once more?

(And finally once more…)

The Sergeant Major gave a wink,
We all smelled something stink,
Tear gas? Fudge!
I’m a UDT at heart no more….

The End.

[All Texts Copyrighted Michael Llenos 2016]