Part Three: On Solomon. The New Book of 613 Proverbs or Ethics. Plus, the Sayings of Amen-Em-Ope of the Thirty

Intro. Note

Solomon was considered to be the wisest mortal king in human history according to the Bible. He is said to have uttered over 3,000 proverbs (or wise sayings) in his lifetime. To understand the wisdom literature in the Bible is to understand books like the Book of Proverbs. The Book of Proverbs, which contains over 900 proverbs, was initially a self-help book of the Bible that guiding the morals of all potential and future scribes and courtiers.

Someone insults you and you don't like it? Why not glory in not being disturbed by it?

People want to fight you? Brush off such negativity, even if they are weaker or less powerful than yourself.

So you are not good at what you want to be good at? Unless you practice, you will not be good at it at all.

Let one of your hands be hidden from the other when you put your money into collection boxes.

Is not your life a reproach to Christ all of these years? And yet you cannot stand one insult from anyone?

Do not just pray in your mind but pray out loud. But first close the door to your room, then go into your inner room and close the door; then pray to God in secret.

Do you think insulting people is fun? God's punishment for it is not.

Nobody will care about anyone else on the Day of Judgment but themselves. Isn't it better to do kind deeds now so you will not have a worse day then?

Say: "I'm the stupidest of persons." That's progress indeed.

Say: "Blessed be Abraham! May Abram be blessed today!"

"I was attacked!" Was he your enemy? Then he acted normally. Was he your friend? What did you think before, that he was your enemy?

Life is scary! How much worse in a war torn country!

No matter how long it takes, get your degree. You may just feel better for having it.

Acknowledge this: [A] Bad things happen to bad people. [B] Bad things happen to righteous people. We always think we're B instead of A.

Beware of people. Just don't stereotype or grow prejudiced.

Learn to cultivate patience, not impatience.

"Someone just insulted me!" Well that's better than you insulting someone else.

Writing your thoughts out purges your emotions.

You have freedom of choice, use it virtuously.

Goodness and happiness are from God. Ask him for good things and "stop" not asking him.

Thank God morning and evening. Say: "Blessed be the Ancient One. Blessed be the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael!"

Be non-aggressive for the sake of civilization. Have more character than the average person.

Writing your thoughts down calms your nerves.

Cultivate maturity like growing corn. Work hard at it.

Be civilized and mature; do not be mean spirited.

Civilization is greater than gangs.

Say: "Blessed be Abraham and blessed be Abram's family!"

Do not let kindness expire.

Strive for maturity, not immaturity.

Where there are no people of faith, values break down.

If you drop off can goods at your local church or food bank, hide your left hand in your left pocket. I believe it would be better if your family did this too.

People who love sports hate when you belittle sports. People who dislike sports hate it when they are mentioned.

God is one. He made the Universe and all of creation. We should say: "Thank you God for making us."

"How can God make imperfect things and remain perfect?" What is more perfect? An infinitely perfect God that can create imperfect things and remain infinitely perfect, or a God that makes something imperfect and is no longer perfect? Rather God is perfect and supremely perfect.

No greater task than kindness to others; no greater task than honoring God.

Do not insult a person you are aiding. Be humble.

We more easily insult people than we help them. Virtue requires effort.

Thoughts are not as effective in conveying prayer as speaking in private is.

"Life is an adventure." Rather, it is a duty.

"I don't like certain types of people!" Instead, you cannot understand them.

Do not think like the crowd. That's progress.

Do you want to be admired for an ingenious idea? Pray to God.

Show mercy to your parents.

Have you become proud and powerful? Remember: God humbles and subjugates.

"What do we do when bored?" Use moderation and appreciate the virtuous, necessities of life.

Are you bothered by ill health? Pray God to heal you. Say: "Blessed be Abraham's health!" Thank God for shielding you from the evils of life.

Love life? Rather, love God who created life.

Do not drink alcohol, it is unhealthy for you. Being sober is better for you.

Life is better if you brush off insults, even better if you do not insult the next person.

There are two main types of religious people. The first are those who care about the poor. The second those who care only about themselves.

Job did not take his life into his own hands; he patiently endured and received twice as much as before.

Be charitable to your parents, to relatives and to the very poor. 1 Timothy 5:8

God takes pleasure in watching us overcome our sufferings, and I believe he rewards us for doing so.

Great is the wise sage, but not as great as the person who fears God.

"Eat your food," people say. "There are poor people that are hungry." However, most of these people who hold to this rule haven't fed a single poor person in their life.

Do not befriend bad people and risk your salvation for fools.

Do nothing lewd, and do not be rude.

When you bless the Jewish people, you are blessed. Genesis 28:10-14.

Respect is earned, but you can give it out for free.

Life is a race once you are born.

Aristotle had a mind that was strong; for his pupils he could do no wrong.

When you pray do not do so in the direction of the sun or moon.

Do not commit suicide and don't judge anyone who has.

Angels write down our actions in books.

Fear God and flee arrogance.

Don't do anything harmful to oneself.

I believe evil exists so God's servants will avoid such things.

"What is honor and pride?" Honor is feeling good for obeying God's commandments, while pride is being puffed up for breaking them.

If my words aid just one person, my work is done.

The 'Book of Sirach' and the 'Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs' are truly great works.

The Sermon on the Mount: one of, if not, the greatest speech ever made by a prophet of God.

7 heavens or 8 spheres. 1st heaven being the Universe we can see at night. 1st sphere being the Earth and its atmosphere.

Try as you may you cannot force great wisdom out of you.

Say: "Blessed be Abraham's family, relatives and friends!"

An evil person does not know they are evil, and a pious person does not know they are pious.

Virtue and sound advice requires patience.

Say: "Thank you God for all of the good you do for me, my family, my relatives and friends; and for all of their family and relatives."

Is there anything worse than being rejected by God? Especially on the Day of Judgment?

Benjamin Franklin sent out a passport to speed Captain Cook. Both men deserve to be praised through many wonderful books.

To despise riches by destroying them is folly. To truly despise riches give them to the poor.

A prosperous nation possesses the most important and the most expedient institutions.

Which is better to run institutions: big government or the private sector? That's a great question.

Should there exist a compromise between 'big government' and the 'private sector' in society? They're almost in complete opposition politically.

The 'private sector' and 'big government' are like the relationship between 'general relativity' and 'quantum theory'. How do they explain each other to improve our lives?

The 'Book of Sirach' is sublime.

No greater book than Matthew's Gospel. I know nothing to rival it, except, perhaps: The Koran.

We advance in piety the longer we avoid crowds.

If you have turned to Christ but don't want to be punished for your sins: give alms.

I believe we're kept afraid so we'll pursue knowledge, discipline, science and philosophy.

I do not want to perish in the sea. Rather, if I have to, on land.

Can you inspire with more courage? Then write.

Inspire people to study ethics.

War is an evil indeed.

War is an evil to man, otherwise the saints would love it.

If you don't believe in a jealous, just and good God, you've already lost the race.

The more you mature the more you realize the people around you are not as ignorant as you originally believed.

"If only I knew back then what I know now!" This many countless people will say on the Day of Judgment.

Read writings that inspire you with virtuous conduct.

Hate evil and pursue virtue, and you will develop a philosophical mind-set.

Besides the 'Eucharist', I believe there exists no greater sacrament in all of Christianity than the 'sacrament of confession'.

Wicked acts lead to a wicked ruin.

To know one's self is to really know peace.

A strong mind is better than strong arms, and a fast mind is better than fast feet.

You shouldnít be excessive in anything, except perhaps virtue and moderation.

All creatures should obey the law. All creatures should stand by it.

The wicked truly know no peace of mind.

A gang member is the same as a wicked bully. Old Testament: Proverbs 1:10-19

A cowardly act can sometimes be a prudent one.

Perhaps stupid creatures deserve to be chastised, but not as much as bullies.

An armed man is not a great man--unless he is armed by God.

One should try to stand up for the weak. If one fails to do that one can still pray for them.

The common law creates a common peace.

Something you know nothing about may never aid you, including the law.

To know biblical law is to know heavenís advice.

Being polite means being right; being polite means being bright.

Respect the physician. That truly is a sign of humility and maturity.

Once in power a person does not want to be without it ever again.

Power to the ruler is like water to the thirsty.

Building on the people is like building on rock, so long as you are loved by them.

A slave should be set free at once, and its owner given a sound thrashing.

Dangerous people are a danger to themselves.

Fear and presumption go hand in hand, just like lawbreaking and ruin.

The Book of Sirach gives much wonderful advice in many areas of life.

A man made out of clay should humble himself before heaven.

Humble thoughts should human thoughts be, but man rarely embraces humility.

Many men complain more than those they deem fools.

A man can destroy himself through a lack of understanding and especially a lack of patience.

Wise council is like a swimming pool: you will never enjoy it fully if you havenít first learned how to swim.

Sharks are everywhere and it is very dangerous to swim in any part of the ocean.

Many sharks swim near shore, but more sharks swim in the mind's imagination.

A friendship stabbed in the heart by words is worse than trying to start a stalled car.

Those who intimidate people are criminals.

Speak out your thoughts in your mind and you will handle misfortunes more easily.

Speak out your thoughts in your mind and you will have more patience.

People love to judge by causes when it comes to their own failings, and people love to judge by results when it comes to the failings of others.

Alcohol ruins men. It turns athletes into invalids.

Say: ďPeace and Blessings be upon Abram! Peace and Blessings be upon Abrahamís parents, family, relatives, kin and friends!Ē

Three things are an abomination and a fourth I want destroyed. A haughty youth, criminals who prosper in life, those who despise the Word of God and narcotics that grow throughout the Earth.

Advice for dishonest earthly wealth and honest heavenly wealth are both treated in the Gospels.

Try as you can to honor God on the Sabbath: in a Church or in a Mosque or in a Synagogue.

Reading and speaking and listening are all different from one another. Donít expect to be proficient in the others just because you are proficient in one of them.

God wills all things. Do not think certainly about your future.

To love the liberal arts and virtue is to love your own life.

Say: ďThank you God for our eyes, arms, stomach and the ability to think and the ability to read a piece of writing. Thank you for everything because without you we are nothing.Ē

One cannot understand how other people behave unless one first sees the wisdom in their behavior.

Do not imitate wicked people because it looks like they got away with it. You do not know when they will be punished or if they have been since it occurred.

We would probably be ashamed to pray for the things that we do pray for if we knew the lives of those who suffer greatly and what they pray for.

Science is a great ally, just not a perfect one. Itís better to know that lesson now than later on in life.

People are nicer if you are nicer. It's the same with your relationship with God.

When you dismiss history you are dismissing the great paths of historical people, and your own great path that can be.

A manís wisdom comes from very much hard study, a manís knowledge is not made from money.

The wise man is greater than a great man, and no athlete can compare with the wise sage.

Say: ďThank you God, for all the good and evil you have done for me. I know that both have been good for me.Ē

Do not reject your very own personal opinion. You can understand your surroundings better than an army of ten thousand warriors nearby!

A person may be shrewd in dollars and cents, but foolish when it comes to ethical sense.

Someone may think the Universe revolves around them, but even the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Riches gotten through stealing or crime, will only last for an uneasy short time.

Laughing at another personís pain either makes you a criminal or deeply insane.

Wise men laugh at foolishness but so do fools.

Those men who steal riches or money, can be considered neither prudent nor funny.

Proverbs, judgments and riddles of the aged, provide nourishment for the soul whether layman or sage.

Out of oneís mouth comes either wisdom or folly, but nothingís hated more than being insincere when sorry.

Three things I love, and yet a fourth is from God above: wise men in a community, a family enjoying each otherís company, a community of prospering innocence, and a world at peace with one another.

You will grow to hate a thing if you use it too frequently; you will despise a new method if itís overused at the start.

Nothing is more foolish than harming a whale, to the sick bed youíll go or to death or to jail.

Better--for youth--than prayer, sackcloth or tears, is charity with kindness throughout your young years.

Maturity youíll keep if you try to be kinder. Nothingís like generosity that will make you grow wiser.

A person who insults or attacks or provokes others to fight, will never acquire the training to be someone's true light.

Anger and envy can bring a man down, but only stubbornness and arrogance can keep him still on the ground.

Why go to battle thinking you are your countryís lone savior? Fighting will not make you respected or braver.

Life can be at times pathetic and cruel, but you will feel ten times better with a degree from a university or school.

If you have drunk too much juice, drink cold, clean water to flush out your system, and do not intake so much soft drink again.

To kill a whale is to ruin your entire life.

Pollution is a great problem of humanity. Its source is connected with bad ethics.

Life can get you sick or you can catch a cold; it's only then youíll remember that good health is better than gold.

A rich man can be a shark, a lion or bear; burned at the Judgment no one will care.

Life should be used to help the needy and destitute. You will be rewarded for every atomís weight of good fruit.

Nothing is more interesting than studying the words of the wise, in such dainties youíll find more than gold as a prize.

Men can be either jealous or insulting or true; a kind friend will stand with you although you seem less wise than a fool.

A famous man is known from recognizing his face, and a wise man is known for his many gifts and Godís grace.

One can be sharp, well dressed or a prude; being wealthy is one thing, being insulting is rude.

Evil men know no law, honor or virtue.

A man may be gentle and one of humble greetings, but if he never gave alms he is doomed without pity.

Sticking all of your wealth in a bank, is like burying treasure in a grave; the next owner who will come, will be a gross stranger or knave.

Giving food to the poor (also, a few dollars at a time), may save you from death and a run in with evil kind.

The angels will rejoice, when you give your first gift. They'll have something to pour, when they see doom nearby sits.

Add wealth to your heavenly treasure house, and add it up as much as you can. It may save you from ruin and perhaps even from building on sand.

Conservatives and liberals will argue with each other till they're blue in the face; both we need to make our country strong and politically chaste.

Instruct a wicked youth, and he will become even more rude and uncouth.

Instruct a wise sage anytime, and you will make him happier and to you more kind.

Get up after you fall, and never underestimate the man who is big or tall.

Gold locked up in a home makes such a residence a liability. Gold in a respected bank is neither unwise nor silly.

To fear God and to give alms is no small worldly task; to get God's favor we should always try to ask him especially at mass.

Because life is precious and special we should all try to pray; no one should take lightly the path of Christ's most wonderful Way.

Practicing virtue makes life secure and sometimes more fun, a lawbreaker will have no light or warmth even though he can still see the sun.

Nothing taken for granted more than fresh, clean water; greater than riches it becomes, even when the sun grows no hotter.

Do not despise charity because of your countless orchards and groves. No greater deed for man than to try and imitate the multiplication of loaves.

They say: 'It is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish.' However, some people do not care to fish for fish. 'So it is better to give a man fish than to instruct him how to fish.' Plus, I believe your reward will be greater.

Capitalists and socialists will always want to verbally fight; however, studying from both sides will instruct you in what is right.

A humanist scholar may try to ponder on the secrets of electronics, is that more or less futile than the workings of Keynesian economics?

Do not have children when you are too young; follow chastity if you wish your praises sung.

No person can guarantee you freedom from care; your own counsel has enough burdens to bear.

Beware of wicked men like wild dogs and wolves; the law of God is too valuable to lose.

The angels write down your actions in your very own book, for every atom's weight of good you did, and for every atom's weight of evil you cooked.

Swimming against the current will destroy you with every wave; swimming parallel to the shore will raise your chances of being saved.

The Cosmological Argument is one of the greatest arguments on Earth; the skeptics it will defeat while explaining the Universe's true worth.

Almost nothingís worse than a tree house thatís considered to be secure, when injury results you will then realize your children's future cure.

Itís not the wealth thatís important or any gold ring, but rather the adventures of an honest youth named Jim Hawkins.

People can be as fake as cake; that doesnít mean they will burn in hellís lake.

You may hear of people being called idiots by others or by you, but no one is an idiot when youíre sick with the flu.

Do not live just for fun, but rather live for God and do not murder anyone.

Looking at unlawful objects can burn in a man like a great fire; practice turning your eyes away from such impious desire.

Never fight a war too long or your empire will soon fall, money makes your battle happen and yet without it no victory will happen at all.

A ruler who wants riches will cultivate peace; a ruler who loves war will soon be deceased.

When danger comes, your alms, the angels will pour; from your money bag or treasure house that heaven has stored.

Wicked men love to fight, but only the wise know when it is just or right.

Boil clean river water when outdoors for things that are out of sight; illness can come with things tinier than a mite.

Do not go to war because you think you are a tough man; a bullet can go through you faster than running on dry land.

Life can cause pain and it can cause you to hurt, but it can seem better for you if you go to Sunday church.

A man may be wise or he may be a fool; God looks in the heart of each man, and the one he picks shall rule.

Wickedness exists when a people have no brotherly love, but goodness can only come from almighty God above.

Better to die on dry land than in the ocean deep below; if you die in the water to a long sleep you shall go.

Better to be a coward than to be a courageous man fighting a war, for even without physical harm a soldier leaves the war zone with many a sore.

To live in peace is to eat a beautiful meal. What you will eat in captivity will be rat veal or chicken head peel.

People live more for lifeís pleasures than for their own productive and secure good measures.

Wealth may be forever admired, while a divine audience is more greatly desired.

Giant fishes come from the ocean and so do costly pearls; the first is loved by boys, and the second is loved by girls.

Dates flourish in the desert and so do many camels; both are needed there besides water and good sandals.

Peace is good but war is not; good times pass away with pleasure, but battles arenít soon long forgot.

Life can be fun and life can be hard. Your next life will be better if youíve done more good than harm.

Eloquence may win or not win a war; how much more so in peace does the orator soar.

A comedian can be funny, but not if the world is no longer warm and sunny.

Institutions are needed more than we know, for that's the stuff that makes empires grow.

Rhetoric can be studied with much reading, but that doesn't mean you will be better at speaking.

Jesus Christ consumes food and drink given to the destitute. But God smells prayers.

Analogy to the Mencius Book 4B:25. Good teeth, or bad teeth, brushing one's teeth with minty toothpaste and a toothbrush and clean water is a good thing before you pray to God. For God smells prayers. And he loves when prayers come from a clean smelling mouth.

Life's temptations are a multitude of voices; virtue well done is to make the best of choices.

It's prudent to be scared of bees and wasps; one should be more wary of barley mixed with hops.

If there is a lion stationed in the middle of the street, it is not the time to be concerned with resting your feet.

The man who thinks charity is a crime, is not even worth a little small dime.

Gambling is the past time of many fools. But you'll get way more happiness from finishing school.

Young people are sharp and students can be witty, it is better to get a degree whether homely or pretty.

Swimming with sharks is worse than making friends with a wolf. Scary is the sight of every bloody sharp tooth.

Sharks should be respected and so should all the whales; if you swim near them you will soon grow pale.

In the swamps and rivers alligators and snakes abound; avoid swamps and rivers and you will keep safe your crown.

Do not laugh at any person whom you see as gross; what happened to one can happen to most.

It is an abomination to be insulting to the old, which is almost as bad as stealing their riches or gold.

To be a fisherman is to have a steady hand. Over fishing brings down a very great and prosperous land.

Fish only for Kosher fish and you will do well. Avoid other aquatic animals for eating or to sell.

Gold is good and so are precious gems, just as long as your wealthy character does not quickly offend.

Aid a poor Jewish person by giving them alms; aiding other suffering Jews also forgives curses and wrongs. Genesis 28:10-14

Children of Abraham should not go to war with each other. Christ said by our good works we are all of his brothers.

Can a religious man be as pious in prayer as a devout Muslim brother? Five times each day he prays to God alone and not at all to any other.

At the Judgment, God and Christ will move the righteous to their very own right hands. Just remember their right side is your left side; stationed on the left will be a sign you're not damned.

How can Jesus be any man's son? He is the Messiah: over every man he has won.

If the tablet in heaven was altered by the Messiah, why doesn't he praise himself with well earned love? Because Christ hinted that praise can only come from others or from almighty God above.

Christ did not accept his very own praise. But rather accepted the praise of those he loved or saved.

Stoicism is almost as close to Christianity as Islam is to Judaism. Seneca was a Christian, and St.Paul had a Stoic-like mission.

Christianity began with combating paganism and concupiscence--while today it is more faced with categorizing the laws of truth from science.

The day can be fun every time you take a run, just as long as you have enough shade from the noon-high, bright Sun!

The Koran does not say to hit a woman on the street. But rather to be nice to your wife who you need to always greet.

Render to God or render to Caesar Tiberius? God should be rendered more to if you're righteous and serious.

The Bible is one book and The Koran is another. Both are scriptures that can save your sinning brother.

Jesus would never talk about other worlds or their civilizations. He had enough preaching to do against a backwards creation.

What caused the success of American soldiers in the Europe of WWII? They handed out food to the poor and were more righteous than me or you.

Illegal drugs are a crime, so are ignorance and believing in a false sign.

Virtue is the stuff that makes great men, but only God allows his grace to truly descend.

High cholesterol foods should be avoided and kept out of reach, and cell phone calling someone while driving something you dare not seek.

Why argue proudly and why argue in a crowd? Arguing tricks make you less eloquent and more unsound.

If we can't understand the minds of great men, that doesn't mean to give up on trying to understand God's mysteries again and again.

Doing illegal drugs is a crime and is foolish, so is watching the pool slowly turn greenish and bluish.

People smile and people sigh, yet a lack of imagination can make you cry.

A strong foundation allows a building to turn into a large sensation.

Some Roman ruins have lasted up to now, that doesn't mean our buildings will exist in the future from now.

Committing evil strife is the ruin of your pious life.

When you're young everything is in the extreme, but when you're mature things are not what they seemed.

One does not miss liberty, unless you're not on land but are lost at sea.

Freedom can be mocked, yet never when its time is clocked.

Liberty makes rascals put on a show, yet if one is wise you would never waste it so.

Captivity is a destroyer of liberty that you see; a place where you can only dream to be free.

A little help to the poor is a spiritual cure.

Harm a saint and your end may be a hellish fate.

Insult a man and heaven may hold back your rewards and fans.

Eating so much candy or pickles, may ruin your health and make you turn fickle.

Snorkeling may be a great release, but there are sharks out there that can make you deceased.

Going out to the dangers of battle, may end up ruining your entire life, over someoneís arrogant prattle.

Do not steal anyoneís cloak, and society will not take you for a joke.

Einstein was a very great genius; his writings arenít thoughtless or dreamless.

The philosopher Descartes was no fool; he was killed by a weather that ruled.

Wicked people canít complain, if their own country has no rain.

Hopefully life will not pass too swiftly, especially if you're young and thrifty.

Some people make words hurt; at the Judgment those same people wont be able to flirt.

Hell is a fire, which can turn men into a burning hot pyre.

Go to hell and you will be burnt. Go to hell and your defense will be curt.

Love is fair and so is war; both to a wise man are less than a bore.

Youths are careless and so is a sickle. Both aim at life and what they see is fickle.

When youíre a teen, you argue about contradictories with adults; when you are an adult, hypocrisy is not such an insult.

Donít go to war and you will not receive a scar. Donít commit evil and you wont have to face the bar.

Youngsters are mean and so are adults, yet both because of the latterís wicked insults.

Buying is good and so are precious metals, but better than either is almsgiving that can emotionally settle.

The key to following the golden rule, is to find the advantage in any test no matter how cruel.

A whale should not be harassed but rather should be saved, to harm a whale will send you to a desolate, ill grave.

In the stomach of the mighty shark, Jonah felt very much afraid, and for three days he prayed to heaven, until through Godís grace he was saved.

Knowledge comes and knowledge goes. To know everything isnít important, but rather what good fruit you've sown.

Freeing a slave will come with its reward just like any other awesome, good deed. Enslaving a person is as foolish as playing with snakes amongst reeds.

Studying grammar is no easy task, but thatís no excuse to write nothing and to don the fool's mask.

Children should never be cruel when funny, especially in a land filled with milk and honey.

Arrogance can lead you to some monsterís great den, but only the power of God can save you and your men.

The world can seem merry, but for someone else it is worse than scary.

Brutes can turn the world upside down for their peers, but they too will be judged after the end of their years.

If Mosesí writings were enough to condemn the very rich man, how much more the other messages from all the realms of sand?

Peace is something sweet and neat; war is not disciplined or easy to treat.

A doctor may know the knowledge of sages, but he must still be kind to receive his heavenly wages.

The life of the Wild West was lived at a very great cost. Lived for one day, a modern would vomit it out, even with sauce.

The shore is a desert and so is the sea, you canít cross either one just because youíre quick in the knee.

Cicero was a very great lawyer and orator, but like everyone else he sounded better on paper.

Scipio Africanus was a very great man. Hannibal was greater since he crossed the Alps and not just the sand.

Napoleon didnít care if he ever acted uncouth. He must have had the confidence of knowledge and truth.

St. Anselm invented the ontological argument. Can any mortal come as close with ink and parchment?

Food is good and so is drink. Alcohol is foolish since it makes oneís acumen sink.

Torture is a grave evil of mankind. Besides illegal drugs it will ruin oneís mind.

Running can be dangerous and so is driving a car, but not as dangerous as trying to oppose the ruling Czar.

When you are sick, ask God to make you well; when you get healthy, donít lose your fear of fiery hell.

Life can be scary and life can be cruel. Counting your blessings is the happiness rule!

The water can be nurturing and the water can be fun, but not when alligators or jelly-fish are laid out in the sun.

The writings that have come from history have come with a great mess, for we donít even have the ĎHortensiusí that taught St. Augustine to confess.

Hardly any political experts have come down to us since. Machiavelliís only good works are his Discourses and Prince.

A murderer who kills on the streets creates a horrible crime, just as evil to celebrate it in song or rhyme.

When people die, people cry; many must die before the evil ruler sighs.

Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. That doesnít mean, to you, theyíll be kind and full of mirth.

There is nothing greater than a civilized community, for just as long as you still worship the deity.

Benjamin Franklin braved his kite in the wind; that doesnít mean one should possess the scientific recklessness of men.

People in a war zone are treated like trash. When soldiers turn wicked, they do everything stupidly and rash.

Poor Richard's Almanac is full of rhyming good advice. The best part was about Job, and the rest battled against vice.

Getting a degree is different for every person involved; difficult are the professorís puzzles which you need God for you to solve.

To have faith in your doctor is an important act of maturity. To have a greater faith in God is the best of security.

Almsgiving is important if you want your heavenly reward. You are less likely to get it if you live by arrow or sword.

King Arthur was a very great man. One day he will return to bring peace to the English and British lands.

Science magazines are a nice little treat, if only they could be produced more than every four weeks.

Life is about learning laws and to swim too is essential, but learn the rules for both since most rules are surprisingly just mental.

Donít swim in the sea if you do not know how to swim. A life jacket is better than a snorkel, mask or fin.

Try to eat the foods you eat in pleasant moderation; not being moderate is reckless contradiction.

Almost nothing is greater than freeing a slave, blessings will it bestow upon you and the holy riches you crave.

Matthew 25:31-46, that's your salvation guide to becoming more happy and less sick.

Seeing all hardship as a test, will make you a saint and will make you feel blessed.

Making the best of every hardship that is near, is better than sackcloth and will conquer your fear.

Praying is needed no matter how righteous you feel. Prayer is almost as good as sharing a meal.

Comparing all acts of righteousness shouldnít be done. You need many good works to be sheltered by God who is one.

Jesus is the most righteous man who ever lived; he is the one who destroyed Adam's deadly sin.

The Bill of Rights is a living document for all of the masses. It will no longer be needed after the Day of Judgment passes.

The angels are writing your deeds in your very own book. All wicked doers who read it will have a sorrowful look.

Do not think life is letting the good times roll; to see the world as a dead object is better for your soul.

Sinning again and again makes you an abomination and deceased; your salvation is now an impossible feat.

You donít need special hats, and you donít need a rosary. Medallions and icons turns any good religion into sorcery.

When the truth speaks, common sense follows in its train. When the truth thrives, heaven showers down its rain.

Life is hard, but not so much for a bard. The more rich he is the more heíll become cooked lard.

Do not judge others or you yourself will sin, unless you are promoting virtue and want goodness to win!

ďI judge nothing!Ē the wise man will say. How far is he from Christís most wonderful Way?

Making fun of evil is not bad in itself, although making fun of anything will ruin oneís health.

Life is not a sport and life is not a game; life is a test with rewards greater than any earthly fame.

God should not be considered like a robot and emotionless. Rather, God should be feared for his great omnipotence.

No man is as foolish as the man who angers heaven. It would be better if you shared your purchase of leaven.

War is fought with bullets and shells; they should rather be called tickets to hell.

Whatís written in the Bible is both refreshing and true; all of us wish we knew Jesus as much as St. Peterís fishing crew.

Christ healed the blind man and allowed him to see; what a great Messiah we have that didnít demand any fee!

Christ should be praised, and Christ should be honored; there is no greater meeting than seeing the Father.

Love God with all of your heart; love God with all of your soul; itís not riches that matters but the glory that you know.

God is near us, and God is close, thatís further reason not to be gross.

Marvelous was Christ in catching a multitude of fish; with Christís teachings is plenty and the things that you wish.

Some people say if you are embarrassed to pray it is not okay, but I believe it is good to pray, especially in a humbling way.

Beg God for wealth and beg God for glory; the key to saintliness is their almsgiving stories.

Fear God, for he is your sire; thatís the prudent manís prayer, and the wise manís fortress lair.

God is powerful, and God is great; if you saw him angry, you would want to flee and escape.

To see God would bring you to tears, not just because you love him, but because his large and most beautiful appearance you would fear.

Wellington was a great man, a great soldier too; however, Napoleon was a man of wisdom and had the utmost virtue.

A man can be cynical or a man can be well; do not judge a man by what he can sell.

Life is hard for those on the right; how much more for the insect that fights.

Chocolate is good but not for a dog; discipline is one thing, brutality is wrong.

Life can be hard for a young man with no job; it could be worse if he was born a wart hog.

The government does its best for its people, but there is nothing as ominous as a broken down steeple.

Mozartís dad went to mass but he avoided the poor; should he be judged by me or by you?

Religious wars are impious at best; how is oneís salvation possible after that mess?

Jesus was very beautiful indeed; he was graceful in every good deed.

Trying to imitate Christ is an illusion at first; the more wicked we are the more our heads will burst.

A muse of words is ridiculous to guess; only God imparts holy knowledge into your crest.

Life can be fun and life can be a bore; the rich man still needs to do his daily chore.

Try your best at fighting the world; there will be no success unless God makes you twirl.

Specific words are not good for everyone; only for those who canít see the bright sun.

Perhaps it is better to take life in stride; but then we wouldnít be normal inside!

Loved ones are never too bold; it is friends instead that can come and go.

By yourself you will be a better person; success is greater if you are uncertain.

If you are called a little, foolish dork, thatís no reason to open that cork!

The swan needs to be ugly before it can bloom; there is nothing wrong with using a broom.

Perhaps all one needs is money, but that doesnít make the world nice and sunny.

A star can shine in the darkest night; nevertheless, Godís way is clearer than light.

Poor is not poor if you have all that you need; but riches are nice to sow a beautiful seed.

Praying for wealth is not so great; unless of course youíre in kindness shape!

The Republic is a great mystery of life, so is any flag that is moved to do right.

There are many people who are warm and brave; many more people who are cold and knave.

Why must battles be fought when they are ridiculous to occur? Is it now a mystery on who we once were?


Heed my words, my friend and my child,
Do not be bold or make oneís manners too wild.
Do not drink strong drink, or smoke any harmful drug,
It will destroy your health and set fire to your tongue.
Study the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Sirach and even the mighty Koran,
Words of wisdom will these give you and make safe your writing hand.
Be kind to parents, kin, children, and to the stranger and poor adult,
Hospitality is only trumped through almsgiving with no insult.
Stay away from the adulterous and her disgusting smooth words,
Her ways are an abomination that you should avoid and not serve.
Honor oneís parents and show kindness to your mother above all,
Many trials she went through, for you, that were almost impossible to solve.
Honor oneís dad and have kind words for the priest,
Pious imam, rabbi and pastor: at the gates of heaven all three will meet.
War is an evil and should not be the gain of the wise sage,
More has it killed or maimed than blessed or completely saved.
Be a kind man, an honest man and a very polite adult,
A prudent man is better who one cannot find any fault.
Honor God and realize that he is a very jealous being,
Worship only him and try your best to praise and thankfully sing.
If you obey these words and the words of Amen-Em-Ope of the Thirty,
Perhaps God will let you enter heaven, unlike those who must pay with hell-fire and become real dirty.


Wisdom can direct your life, unless your mind is as dull as a pastry knife.


Virtue makes her home, even with the man who dotes on a poem.


A wise man does not let everyone know his wisdomófor thatís like a king who opened wide his gate and prison.


Virtuous sons make their mother glad; apologize to God if youíve made your mother mad.


Blessings are not for the nefarious or for fools; this is one of the greatest of rules.


Insanity can make anyone both impatient and glad, but responding with evil is even more numbskull and sad.


Experienced sages hoard up wisdom on bookshelves; thereís no vice in reading, even about castles and elves.


An unfair measure, creates the peopleís displeasure.


The nefarious man will profit basically nothing; for through his wicked gains his children turn saucy.


God gave eyes to both woman and to man; ungrateful we are to God, especially when enjoying cold drinks on the sand.


If you are a wise man you will benefit yourself; if you are a fool none will listen when you cry for help.


Excessive in sleep can be considered too bad, more evil it is to not sleep when you can.


A dotard, who gives a hard time to the weak, will never be right and hellfire will seek.


Times are bad when it doesnít rain; times are frightening when both young and old feel pain.


The world is not worthy of any young man: who sees it a corpse that cannot be buried in sand.


A rod is for the backs of boys; nevertheless, too much discipline is worse than too many toys.


Wicked is he who is a bard; to hell he shall go unless he does more good than harm.


Your plans might be too extravagant, so someone should tell you that you shouldnít and canít.


Glad is the Shepard, who owns dogs to protect his own flock; unhappy the wolf who must scheme all around the clock.


The just person can escape from the falling rubble; thatís just as correct as avoiding any sinful trouble.


Falling off a cliff can easily end your life; thatís not just bad for you, but bad for your wife.


Working together is better than being dogmatic; the dogmatic person is nothing less than overly dramatic.


A true warrior must always try to hone his skills, but to think you are 'nothing' is better than feeling pompously filled.


Life revolves around time, and how we should never enter into crime; we do this through riddles and proverbs: that are sound and that rhyme.


When the man rises to be a leader and to be very great: kiss the son, my man, or for your salvation you will be too late.


God rules the Universe with a very strong arm. Disobey his rules just once and you will be ruined, then disarmed.


Some philosophy is good and some philosophy is wrong; wise words that can save your life will also save you from harm.


Life can be crazy at times, and at times, life can seem somber; God rules over all and can make one's long life even longer.


People can be cruel and life can make you angry; that doesn't mean to shout out and go off like you are crazy.


To inspire is one thing, to plagiarize is another. Stealing can make you lose more than one brother.


If you hate honest people look at your face in the mirror; no further need you look to for whoís the real sinner.


Weapons of war are evil by design; the maker and user of such will one day have his hell time.


The knights of King Arthur were very brave men, whether at peace or facing an army that wanted to kill them.


Carnivals are an experience that no lady should attend; education is whatís needed, before she marries the most greatest of men.


Fighting is for children and for kids to learn from mistakes; nothing is wrong with the adult who seems pathetic and fake.


Pride is a problem for both young and strong men. A lack of respect for the elderly will bring low that stubborn, bullish young man.


Love is something that a sane woman respects the most. Never fart proudly whether near wife or near host.


Jesus Christ is either the Son of God, or the closest thing God will have for a Son.


Running is a way for dealing with stress. It will make you healthier even if you fail the physical test.


Being old gives you more right to being bold. Being young gives you the honor of making way, no matter if you're not told.


What is alcohol anyways but pure liquid sugar? To avoid it makes sense, whether young kitten or cougar.


The young should not drink any sort of beer, for its fruits are nothing but headache and a stupid old cheer.


Thereís no consumption worse than drinking a hard liquored drink. Too many people it has killed, and many more boats it will sink.


The storm will rage, whether one is old or young of age. It is well to learn how to be calm like the great philosopher-king-sage.


Manliness is now nothing but a foolish path to the pit, either that or base prattle or speaking with arrogant wit.


Songs and poems are foolish diversions of love; whatís more foolish than not respecting God above?


God must be feared so he doesnít ruin us in a moment; we must not ruin ourselves by being his opponent.


If we are Godís enemy, we will surely lose out; our life will end soon unless we stifle our pout.


One way to honor God is to honor the poor; your life in the next world will then be secure.


Give gifts to friends and family during the season of December, and do kind actions for one and every single family member.


Alms is a blessing, no matter how good; no greater alms than sharing with strangers oneís everyday food.


Give alms for yourself so that you take the credit; once the alms are done there can be no change, so forget it.


Do you take refuge in rosaries, gold ornaments or an icon? Take refuge, rather, in the saving, almighty God of Zion.


The Ten Commandments should stay close to your warm heart; one should memorize each one that pious Moses broke apart.


Ripping up a Bible book is a waste of luck and economy; it is also a waste of Wisdomís much loved spiritual money.


Tear up a Bible and much bad luck you will have; maybe not at first, but later you will thirst--with no water to drink on the dry land.


The evil man will only survive, when the pious man is near him and God wants the latter alive.


Sin is an evil and so is gluttony; but there is almost nothing as fire catching as an arrogant homily.


Respect the priest and do not ruin yourself. The angels love a pious saint more than you love any good help.


Writing words of knowledge can come from any bold scribe. Nothing is worse than keeping your instruction locked up and deep inside.


Tolkien was a great fantasy writer and founder; nothing bad in fantasy unless your ethics start to flounder.


With good ethics the sea breeze will invite and refresh your face; with thieving ways your eyes and nose will receive a harsh taste of mace.


Wait for Godís grace, my son and my child; everyman must pay for being too arrogant and wild.


Give alms, and take the sole credit, or youíll burn in hellís place. After much alms, give some for your loved ones too so their souls donít go to waste.


A pimple may grow on your face with too much hard study; thatís better than being shouted at when you are all wet and muddy.


If nerdy officers are despised, how much more so the nerdy enlisted? If famous actors are despised, how much more so the rich who are tight fisted?


The S.A.S. are some highly skilled, tough, daring brutes; you also need to be tough as nails when making your living playing the flute.


I wish we had our plenty like back in the latter 20th century. The plenty that occurred in the Ď50s is now a distant memory.


Do we deserve the plenty that our grandparents had? But for those of the Ď30s that great depression was very, very sad.


The expectation of our times is the great Holy Rapture. To Godís heavenly Ark will go those connected with Christís pasture.


Socrates was not afraid of staring straight into death; Jesus was braver when he took his first breath.


Vietnam was the worst American war of all time. No effort will condone it, even through poetry or rhyme.


Some things have improved now, and some things are worse. But before man is ultimately punished, he must be tried with his purse.


The wise man hates both war and reckless love in peace. But the virtuous manís delight is a Thanksgiving Day feast.


In crushing humility imitate your favorite saint; perhaps God will bless you for your restraint.


Only worship God and respect Christ the Messiah, say ďBlessed be AbrahamĒ each time you retire.


Play with fake gold coins in your hand and say out loud ďgold, goldĒ; your desire for precious metals will then also grow old.


No Old Testament book as wise as the Book of Sirach; much knowledge and wisdom in it that will protect your church flock.


Purify yourself with humility, but do not do anything lewd or anything silly.


As a guest you should always show good manners; no worse vice than a criminalís routine pattern.


No greater invention than the printing press; no political corruption worse than for the press to be oppressed.


The press can print Bibles at a great rate every time. The more Bibles there are the less youíll have crime.


If many Bibles your people have, but you still have crime; it must mean there are evils that point to a future sign.


Giving alms is one thing and being rude is another; almost nothing is worse than not respecting oneís mother.


Honoring oneís parents is the rule of all time; donít sin against God and you wonít be guilty of any crime.


The Ten Commandments are the rule of the earth; not obeying these commandments is not taking second place and especially not taking first.


Looking directly at the light will destroy oneís eyes; not worshipping God will ruin your place in the sky.


Men like to fight; that seldom makes it just or right.


God is all powerful and can kill you if he wishes; his seas should be respected, especially the fishes.


Augustus could get men to fight; Cyrus was greater because he did what was right.


You may be ugly, you may be un-cool; knowing pain in the beginning will give you the wisdom to rule.


All things are equal, and all things can be categorized and sized; the Stoics go too far if they say dying has no evil surprise.


Ethical philosophy can teach us how to feel reconciled to the Universe; such books are sacred, though you must first use your purse.


Cicero was a great orator and a very great man. Jesus was a greater speaker, and he came from a greater land.


Did Romulus know much logic when he founded Rome? If that was the case, then Napoleonís destruction would not make him moan.


Money has great power; but not as much as a treasure house tower.


The Rapture is one of the highlights of the modern Church; embarrassing it would be if Christ didnít take you up first.


The King James Bible is a very great Bible indeed; it has shown the power of how to sow a great seed.


Listen to me and do not shout down my rhymes; life is less troublesome for you if you know Jesus the Kind. To act on Jesusí truths, is like a virtuous soup. To act on Godís sayings, will protect you from hangings. To be blessed thrice, is to follow the charity of Christ. If the Bible (for you) is a sore, one day you will be no more. If the Bible (for you) is a most beloved book, perhaps you will avoid hell and not be what God cooks.


Hear my child and hear my friend,
Even the Stoics themselves made many wise men.
Epictetus was a patient man indeed,
He married a woman so her child could grow and succeed.
Know that many things are not caused by you,
Your true choice on earth can help you better handle the flu.
Remember Stoic words of sense and wisdom,
And you can turn any evil into good salvation.
Many times you have the choice to be at peace and be happy,
Remember it is also your choice to stop feeling impatient or sappy.
Like a lightening bolt is the virtuous handbook that great philosopher spoke,
Such virtue his disciple remembered and awesomely wrote.
Christianity was helped along by men such as him,
Women perceived, understood, and chose Christís religion so they could win.
Great are you Oí Jesus, the Messiah, who is filled with such grand light,
The Creator himself is pleased when he looks at your sight!
No greater man than Jesus the Nazarene,
No more important book to man than the Book of Life which he alone owns and sees.


Where are Epictetusí doctrines most lacking? In giving charity to the poor that can stop oneís adversaries from attacking.


Buddhist monks taught their laity to give them feasts, on certain days of the year: for the sake of oneís parents (and relatives) and the filial duty a person must bear. But alms, like that, can really be given any day to the destitute: just pray (out loud) to God to give your parents (and seven generations of past-ancestors) the credit for what you will soon distribute. And after the alms, pray that they (whom you gave the alms credit for) may receive excellent peace and good health for a 110 years, or maybe more: (in this present life) and, later, everlasting life in God's kingdom forever more.


You should give alms in the name of relatives so they too will have wealth to save themselves from hell. Remember: one should give much more alms for oneís personal rewards just as well.


Why would you have less money bags and treasure houses in heaven anyway? Christ said that your duty is to perform many good works for your own spiritual pay.


Sandwiches and drink, prepared a short time ago, should be given as alms to the destitute so your holy treasure can flow.


If you want to get the charity credit for your good deed that day: either say nothing or pray to God that you want the alms credit and donít mention anyone else to receive alms pay. But, remember, once the alms are handed over: the heavenly treasure can never be switched back to anyoneóno matter how sober.


Buddhist karma may be true in a larger, more generalized way, but the true bite of karma will come with your book on Judgment Day.


The cycles of re-birth I do not believe are true. The only good thing that really comes from believing those things is less sinfulness through and through.


The world truly is about cause and effect. The more we avoid evil, the more our lives will be correct.


Socrates questions ĎEuthyphroí on his legal actions against his father at Greece. It was this rhetorical response by Socrates that makes us all want to honor our parents and with more peace.


Try as we might to always honor our parents itís difficult indeed. Easier it is when we read the Ten Commandmentís own creed.


Honor your parents so that you may live a long life. Honor your parents and help teach it to children and to wife.


The more we dish the more we hurt; the more we give the more weíre worth.


A person should practice being at peace with things that make us upset, then build up to greater degrees of hardship that one needs to vent.


The philosophy of Epictetus can be used at various degrees. You can also use it for little things if thatís what you please.


Life can be simple and life can be cool; water is enjoyment and relaxing in a nice swimming pool.


When you do an ablution, remember, God doesnít want your electrocution.


There is wisdom in books and wisdom of the world, when you reach your middle prime both secrets will come and unfurl.


Time reveals truths and time reveals crimes, only fools would commit evil and then sing it in a rhyme.


As feelings of impatience or hot anger turns you cruel; create peaceful feelings inside your mind that makes you feel good and feel true.


The negative little things in our life take up most of our time. Such practice is good for stoic techniques on you and your mind.


When at restaurant or inn be polite when you speak, lest chef or waitress hate you and forget about your drink.


People may be evil, and people may be wrong; there is almost nothing more ignorant than loving a blasphemous song.


Worship God and worship him alone; before ending up in hell fire to endlessly cook and moan.


The pagans are fools who believe in myths and bed time stories; there is only one God that exists, whose mercies are endlessly outpouring.


Go to church, mosque or synagogue for your religious observances; it is only to the Creator, himself, you must give, your prayers and holy services.


Be a great thinker and a monotheist above all; Christ is the only Messiah, who himself will choose his deputy, the new Saul.


Christ fed the 5,000, then the 4,000 men of Israel; almsgiving to perfection, there were no greater meals.


Love the Lord God with all of your strength; sharing bread with others will increase the riches in your heavenly bank.


The religions of Abraham are only three different kinds; worship God only, and free up your blessings and your mind.


If life is difficult for you, it can also be difficult for others and for me; we must thank God for our blessings by either standing or sitting on our knees.


If we live a hard life, how much more should we thank God for riches or for wife!


God is the most merciful of all of existence; he created the Universe that we dwell in, which always needs his assistance.


If a stranger loves God then so should you too; the almighty above is all powerful and all good and all true.


Fear God and be afraid of his strength; hope that you will be forgiven your sins through the alms that you make.


The angels watch for every present good or bad deed; the good will triumph and the bad will be destroyed by their greed.


The mission of the scribe is to be as accurate as possible; the mission of the sage is to teach the impossible.


Mencius was angry at the rich men who didnít give true alms (7B:11). Mencius was an almsgiver who wrote that righteousness calms.


The Romans won wars and the Roman world became lost; only the Kingdom of God will last forever to enjoy great blessings at little cost.


Your mental frustrations could just mainly be physical; if thatís the case, they cannot be controlled and should mean nothing to you.


If your mental frustrations are just in your thoughts, it is easier to follow what Epictetus admonished and taught.


Any reliance on grace: will not hold back a person from the hell-fire they will face.


Grace is supposed to call men to the Way, but you are only saved after you receive your heavenly pay.


Good works are the true savior of mankind; such great works require some muscles and not just your mind.


Although St. Paul had a message of grace to preach, he also had good works to save him from deadly hellís final reach.


The law of God is a thunderbolt of good; many a man it has saved and to tears it has moved.


If you are afraid of the Lord you are not alone; fear of the Lord will keep you safe abroad and at home.


The Lord, if he wanted, could wink us out of life; God is the greatest of all, who upholds every womanís right.


Good works are the source of every fountain of prosperity; they will protect you from danger and wipe out your sinís severity.


Good works are not ever to be frowned on; they are the livelihood of man and how just battles are won.


When embarrassment tries to suffer you to your doom; remember patience always and keep kindness in your mood.


Exercise as much as you can; but if overdoing it makes you ill: forget about tackling that steep hill.


The New American Bible is a wonderful book to read; The Koran is also truly awesome, if it's goodness you need.


Godís glory of creating the Universe is the most blessed of every good thing; itís in the Torah for Mosesí followers to celebrate and to sing.


The Ten Commandments are like a river that overflows with wisdom; if obeyed, you will wisely avoid prison.


If a country always gives its people a 7th year relaxation from debt, its rule will prosper always and its empire will never set.


Studying the law is a great task indeed; never think that every honest judge is free from all greed.


If any man thinks that lewdness is fun, he shall burn in hellís fire where there will be nowhere to run.


A religious empire is the greatest type of empire above all; just as long as such a country heeds the Creatorís just call.


Peace is something that everyone needs; war is a wolf that no one should feed.


If your pleasure is the Bible, then you have beaten most men at the Judgment survival.


If you do good works like the Bible teaches, perhaps you shall be blessed with heaven's version of peaches.


Repent of the alcohol and the hard drinks that you had; heaven has no place for the drunk or the bad.


Survival is something that is hard to comprehend; caution is whatís needed to not fall into that monster's den.


Elephants are intelligent, strong and truly majestic; who donít forget the person that makes their patience bested.


To have your treat and to eat it too, is not as good as heavenís dwelling for you.


Counseling is one thing, and eloquence is another. A good example can save almost anyoneís brother.


ĎThank youí (and youíre welcome) pleasantries are good for both stranger and adult; not trusting anyone, no matter what their age, is a youngsterís logical karate belt.


Help people, my son and my daughter, when you are a young kid: so that you will be blessed in your future for what you thankfully did.


If you have the financial means donít eat pork with your diet; eating chicken is better or even lamb if you buy it.


Chickpea hummus is one of the wonder foods of the Mediterranean world: donít eat too much at once, or youíll gag and then hurl.


Milk is a necessity too and so are oranges and limes. Eat in moderation though and donít do any damage to your mind.


Protect yourself from the sun, and realize the Creatorís gift is perhaps second to none.


Fresh water you need to drink or you will soon die. Boiling water for thirty minutes will destroy bacteria who multiply.


Pie is good and so is ice cream; better than both are nutritious meals which are lean.


Only worship the Creator, our Ben Franklin thought that was right; without monotheism you will worsen your plight.


If you are waiting for either family or stranger, you can easily force your mind to be at peace instead of anger.


Anger is easier to control than shame or arrogance. It's easier to control foolish feelings of love or romance.


St. Anselm wrote many ideas about God in his writings; one should ponder over his ontological piety.


Listen to me my brothers, my relatives, and even you folk all around,
Heed my words, and do not brush them off as sinister or for the clown.
The enlightened one, the Buddha, voiced the ĎDhammapadaí out loud,
Virtuous words were such that flowed out like a soft sea driven sound.
Although, like Epictetus, he did not focus on Abrahamís call,
That does not mean we should be angry at virtuous Buddhist teachings, or insult them, or that there is no excellence in them to be found.
Well spoken verses the enlightened one dictated in twenty-six chapters of peace,
Excellent advice he spoke in not harming animals,
Whether they be elephants or geese.
If you eat food, Jewish Kosher Law should be the way to go,
For all clean animals (in the Torah) are more delicious than that worm ridden sow.
If you read other writings, remember, no greater wisdom can be found:
Than in Jesusí parables of the Gospel, which have foundations that are crowned.


Let someone else kill my cattle for me:
Better I just eat it, than to do the deathly deed and repeat it.


Let the butcher kill and dress your chicken and your cow-steak,
Better him to have the sin than for you to experience Earthís mud lake.


Eat your cake and have it too,
Better let someone else kill and dress that animal for others and for you.


You will not burn in hell if you eat fish or cattle,
Instead you will burn for that murderous fight or battle.


The person who, though a true Christian, refuses to purchase or eat blood-sausage:
That one I call a pious person who proceeds with absolute caution.


The person who prays only to the all-powerful One who created the Universe:
Him and her I call a pious person more prudent than the sage who monitors their purse.


The man that does not hunt game or fish, because he can easily buy lawful meat at the food market:
Him I call a reasonable man that perhaps is not stingy with his pocket.


The man that does not pray to statues or idols or icons in any form, but only prays to Almighty God in Heaven:
He necessarily is a pious man who gives thanks for all of his leaven.


The person who orders their steak cooked to well-done (and with no blood left in it):
That person I call an abider of Godís law and perhaps one who dwells in it.


All things in our Universe have a finite amount,
Itís so the angels can (in books) write down everyoneís account.


No one should mock the Day of Judgment or the anger of the living God,
God can either punish you or bless you wherever you dance or wherever you trod.


The Koran is one of the greatest books ever to speak about the day of Godís anger:
Just like the Book of Revelation, its passages impel us to follow the guidance of the two holy ones in the manger.


John the Baptist had two very specific laws for salvation:
If someone has no food or clothes, share with themóor never do so and become an abomination.


Christís Way is the human way,
and Christís path is a humble pass.


When all is said and done:
Read the scriptures which are second to none.


Oratory is basically speaking out loud and making some sense at the same time,
Stop thinking people are stupid when you have never given it a try.


There must come an end to pain and an end to senseless suffering,
Life is better if you are charitable and youíre pious and brotherly.


Christ went with nets and disciples to go out and fish,
He is the lamb of God that no man can out doóno matter how much they wish.


When all is said and done you must make your own choices,
Bless Abraham always, out loud and with uplifted voices!


Having a wonderful friend can calm your feelings of fear or absolute dread.


At the Day of Judgment, you will pay for all of your past deeds. If you have used your 'past-presents' piously, on refreshing fruits you will then happily feed.


In 15:39 (of The Analects) it says that instructional lectures are not given through use of categories. This shouldnít be a sign that categories are useless or boring.


In The Analects (17:8) there is talk about how man must continue to learn or he will fall into utter ruinóeven if he has virtues room.


For now, in my present earthly generation, I believe The Analects are the greatest exposition of Confucian doctrine.


Confucius was a great man indeed,
He taught men like he was pulling on weeds.
The Analects are an awesome piece of writing,
It will instruct you in Chinese political piety.
But to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one needs the teachings of our Christ,
For the word of God has been spoken to combat vice:
in The Hebrew Tanakh, The Christian Scriptures, and in The Koran.


Epictetus was a great philosopher indeed,
Wise men should try to understand his peace inducing creed.
For every man it preaches a different degree of calm,
For a little peace and quiet it is worth its weight in balm.


Nothing more holy than the Lord our God,
Nothing more beautiful,
He is everything that is Good.


Don't damage your brain,
and you will have less cause to become insane.


If you are Christian it is good to pray with the Tallit,
Jesus wore a Tallit whenever he studied the Holy Writ.


Mencius said the whole world would be at peace and be brothers,
If only young men would respect their parents and make way for their elders.


Repeat the Ten Commandments over and over again,
Better than other types of prudence which will save you from men.


Read the 613 sayings whenever you do or don't need them,
Wiser it will make you, like The Tanakh, The Gospel and The Koran: grand knowledge, indeed, by pen.
613 commandments spring from ten grand statements,
Let these Complete 613 sayings also be a blessing and a spiritual payment.

The End.

The Sayings of Amen-Em-Ope of the Thirty


When you see someone that is homeless, bless them in your heart. Do not insult them, laugh at them, or stare at them disrespectfully. Rather aid them if you can. Aid them with food, drink and money. For if you aid a homeless person you are aiding Jesus Christ. If you disrespect a homeless person, you are disrespecting Jesus Christ.

[Remember, even though Jesus may not command the ways of the very poor and destitute, he still suffers with them in their sufferings.]


Do not laugh at those who have a missing or deformed limb, a deformed face, or a deformed mouth. But bless them in your heart. For what has happened to one person can happen to the rest of us.


Is someone a dwarf? Do not disrespect them or insult them. You must realize that there is nothing wrong with being a dwarf.


Do you see a nun sleeping on a park bench? Do not insult or disturb her. Or God will curse you for disturbing that nun later on in your life.


Hold your temper if someone insults you from a distance. For, perhaps like King David, God will reward you for holding your temper back.


Do you see a blind person? Do not disrespect them and do not play tricks on them. For God hates all those who do such things.


Is someone obese and are you insulting them? You are an evil person for insulting someone for being obese.


Did someone ever reject your aid and hospitality? Do not become vexed or enraged towards that person. Perhaps it is not the time or place for such actions. Perhaps, soon, there will be a time for those actions. Have patience.


Do you see an animal that is hurt or in pain? Pray for that animal. Ask God to heal that animal if you do not have the power to heal it.


Are you a vegetarian and is your brother a meat eater? Do not reproach your brother for eating meat. For how do you know you are not going to turn into a hypocrite? Unpredictable circumstances can also turn you into a meat eater again.


Act on others what you would have them act on you. This is the foundation of all justice.


A nerd is superior in wisdom to all of his peers because of this one very fact: he refuses to join a gang.


I am afraid to be amongst evildoers. Godís vengeance can take me along with them.


Many people are wise only in wickedness. They do not have the wisdom to do good works.


Make fun of no one who is sick or handicapped. Make fun of no one with down syndrome. For such evil acts make you just as bad as a murderer.


I have never heard of anyone strictly chaste towards others (and also charitable towards the poor) who was also a evil doer.


Molest no one. You have no excuse to do so, even, if you are the most pious virgin in the universe.


Do not keep a lewd eye. You have no excuse to do so, even, if you are the most pious virgin in the universe.


Do not use and do not get involved in illegal drugs. It has been the ruin of billions of lives.


Do not do anything bad to an elderly person. Instead help them if you can.


Do no mischief or harm to an animal. Even to those animals that human beings eat.


Try to do countless good deeds for your parents and foster parents.


Do not harbor ill thoughts towards someone just because they have a different skin color from yourself.


If you have food or drink in your possession, share with those who need it, and do the same thing with money.


If you torture anyone, God will torture you sooner or later.


Do you insult your classmates when in a group with your friends? Do not make fun of your classmates lest God turns the tables back on you. One day it will happen.


Is someone sick or injured? Do not insult them or aggravate them. You donít want to be cursed for your lack of character.


Do you see someone with a deformed limb or digit? Do not look with contempt upon them. God might punish you for being so brutal and foolish.


Before you can become a wise man you must first be a fool. Before you can be good at anything you must first be bad at it.


Respect all those who are suffering. And thank God for all food and drink.

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