On the Dollar Bill and our United States' Jewish Roots

(Note: About the first week of March 2014, I wanted to see any other information about the Star of David on the dollar bill, and I was surprised to see that there are a plethora of internet sites that have already written similiar (but not exact) accounts of what I thought up and wrote concerning the dollar bill and the Star of David. Well, I'll keep this link up anyhow.)

Sometime a while back: I think it was in the last three years. Pastor John Hagee took out a United States $1 dollar bill and showed the symbol of the Star of David on its backside. I immediately took out a $1 dollar bill and looked at the 13 stars on its back side, and I couldn't figure out why John Hagee said there was a Star of David there. [Historically, the Jewish people took up a collection in Europe, during the 18th century, and sent it to the fledgling United States to help with our Revolutionary War against the British.] However, I think it was over a month ago, when I thought that instead of going around the stars, what if one traced the Star of David through those stars. What you have is basically the Star of David. So whoever designed the back right portion of our one dollar bill, was giving thanks to the Jewish people for taking up that collection. The following pictures below will explain my reasoning in better detail.... [Copyright Michael Llenos 2013]


The above picture doesn't look like the Star of David...


Neither does the above picture look like the Star of David...


But this last picture above does have the Star of David if you draw lines through the stars.

The End.

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