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I am currently a practicing Catholic and have been so most of my life. I received my History degree from the University of Hawaii: West Oahu many years ago. I am a non-practicing pastor of the United National Church. And I believe that all three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are true religions and that their main religious writings are the Word of God.

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I am trying to sell my young adult novellas to a publishing company who will publish them. I believe Crilium and The Elf that Met his Equal and More should be published as one book titled: Two Novellas by Michael Llenos. I do know, however, that my novellas can be published at a petty, low price. But I am also trying to sell my publishing rights to my 5 part philosophy book 'The New Pensees' for a gigantic monetary amount: 4 million U.S. dollars.

Part four of my philosophy book, on Daniel 7:1-7, is worth in itself a great deal. It explains what the 4 nations mentioned truly are. The older interpretation is obsolete. What does the older version say? That the four nations are: 1) Babylon empire, 2) Median-Persia empire, 3) Greeks, and finally 4) the Romans. My paper replaces this interpretation with a more accurate explanation. The person who first publishes my philosophy book will make a fortune off part four of my book.

By the way, I've just recently noticed that my philosophy book has five parts to it like the Ethics book by Benedict De Spinoza. I just want to say that I wasn't trying to imitate Spinoza. But if I were ever dubbed the Christian Spinoza I would feel very honored indeed.

Like Einstein, I believe cause and effect (and the Ether) are valid. Spinoza based his entire philosophy on cause and effect reasoning. I give a simple explanation for the bridge between cause and effect in: Appendix Four of my philosophy book.

I have decided to name my 5-part book 'The New Pensees'. Blaise Pascal's 'Pensees' was a defense of Christianity. My 'The New Pensees' is a defense of Abrahamic Monotheism, or Judaism, Christianity and Islam and all of their sub-divisions.

I have decided to dedicate The Art of War (Appendix 2) to His Holiness Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI. Why would I do this? Perhaps this book will save Europe one day from disaster. Then this dedication would bring the Pope (emeritus) more fame.

"If there is no center to the universe, then the Earth is the center of the universe for the human race." ---see bottom of Appendix 4 of 'The New Pensees'

Have a safe and happy 2015 everyone! I have posted a note on SEAL CRT TRAINING school (found in Demi Moore's G.I. Jane movie) below....

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On GI Jane

There has been a lot of speculation about the SEAL CRT TRAINING school, but there have been no real leads. I will try, with my history degree background, to make some sense of the mess.

What is SEAL CRT school in the movie G.I. Jane (starring Demi Moore)?

In the mid 1990s, when good things were more plentiful than they are now, military analysts were trying to figure out how to make the training programs for our top soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors more efficient: so many training programs were being envisioned for the future. One of these theoretical schools inspired the 1997 movie GI Jane which was directed by Ridley Scott.

If BUD/S is the Navy version of Army Ranger School, then SEAL CRT school would be the Navy version of mini-Ranger School (or what was known as Recondo School) for L.R.R.P.s [or L.R.P.s pronounced Lurps] during the Vietnam War. SEAL CRT school would last 3 months, while BUD/S lasts for 6 months, and Special Forces Combat Diver school lasts 6 weeks.

[And although I have a deep respect for SEAL CRT school, I have an even deeper respect for Special Forces Combat Diver school, and I heard, by one Army NCO, that it was called SEAL school in the U.S. Army. I also have a deep respect for Air Force Diver school. Which one is better? Who knows.]

But what makes SEAL CRT school so special?

If you want the SEAL experience, and you already are a special ops soldier, who understands the basics of land warfare, and you want to be trained by Navy Seals, it would be better for a soldier or marine (or in Moore's case: Navy Intelligence) to go to SEAL CRT school. If you already have had some training with small arms weapons (like zeroing an M-16 rifle), it would be better not to learn everything from scratch. SEAL CRT school is perfect for that role. [Some may say, however, that in the movie, Moore learns basic landwarfare skills, like putting together a machine gun. But my response would be that the very basics of combat training are not taught to the students: just a few refreshers. I would say that SEAL CRT is divided into 3 months this way: 1st month is PT stage, 2nd month is scuba stage, and the 3rd month is land warfare and SERE stage.]

You could, in other branches, go to your own Combat Diver School. But the truth of the matter is that the Green Berets, PJ's and Force Recon Marines that run these schools are not Navy Seals. In SEAL CRT training, you would just be trained by Navy Seals who have each gone through BUD/S.

What about the non-realism in GI Jane of Moore going on a mission with her instructor near the end of the training period?

You have to remember that this is not BUD/S but rather SEAL CRT training. At the end of Recondo school, for L.R.P.s in Vietnam (a course that lasted 4 weeks) you would have to go out (with your instructors) behind enemy lines and actually do almost a week long mission: while the instructors visually graded you in your 6 man teams. So it was probably the most dangerous Special Ops school in U.S. history, not because you couldn't make it physically or mentally, but because you were tested in a real war time mission the last week. Meaning, sometimes instructors and students did not come back to Recondo school during the end of the 4th week of testing in the field because they were killed by enemy combatants. Therefore, when the commanding officer, of SEAL CRT, said that his school was harder than BUD/S, he could be telling the truth, especially if you consider the fact that the trainees go with their instructors to an enemy hot zone for the last week of their 3 months of training.

[Although, it has been reported that during the Vietnam War, many Navy SEALS said some of the missions they went on were not as tough as some of the things they did in BUD/S.]

And that is exactly what SEAL CRT training is all about. They send you into a real war zone at the end of your 3 months of training. So all of this bad talk about how unrealistic it is for Moore and her SEAL instructor to go out on a real mission near the end of training is based on false opinions. Remember, SEAL CRT school is not BUD/S, and BUD/S is not SEAL CRT school.

But, alas, SEAL CRT training is fictional. There is no SEAL CRT program (or school) in the military. With a drop out rate of 60-65% it would not be as tough or as long as BUD/S, which I believe has a drop out rate of 75-95%. However, SEAL CRT would be a lot longer than most Combat Diver schools throughout the military: and you get to be trained by Navy Seals who went through BUD/S--just as the L.R.R.P.s were trained by Green Berets: meaning, SEAL CRT school does not make U.S. Navy SEALS (in the traditional sense), which is why the trident pin is different in design (I think Moore was wearing silver instead of gold), while Recondo school does not make Green Berets, but rather high speed army Lrps.

Women who have conditioned themselves to be very tough throughout their careers in the Marine Corps or Army or Navy or Air Force would probably find it more appealing to go through a SEAL CRT school than BUD/S because SEAL CRT school goes through the scuba and land warfare sections quickly and is not as long as BUD/S. And the reason, I believe, BUD/S is so long, is because they are mostly taking sailors who know little to nothing about combat training and turning them into experts in almost every field of small unit sea, air, and land combat operations.

Of course, with this world of scarcity that we live in today, I doubt we would see a real SEAL CRT school in the near future. However, that shouldn't discourage young women from wanting to become SEALS. BUD/S will be open to women applicants in 2016 (plus Ranger School will accept women in 2015), and just as many men cannot have babies, but some do; many women will not be able to become SEALS, but some will. There is an exception to every rule. And, of course, that woman who made it through BUD/S, who wrote that autobiography 'Warrior Princess', proves that some women have what it takes to become Navy Seals.

The End.

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